Why Hopewell?

Hopewell exists to empower church and nonprofit leaders to thrive by providing exceptional business and administrative services.

We started Hopewell because we know you’d rather be leading and doing anything other than dealing with your organization’s accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, communications, and/or (fill in the blank). 

We’re made to do the behind-the-scenes administrative and operations work that you dread. We wake up excited about it. We love systems, spreadsheets, HTML, and emails. We move organizations forward. We’re all about empowering others to thrive.

One of the things that makes Hopewell unique is that we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to your needs. We’re a team who wants to enable you to flourish and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.

We get that earning your trust probably won’t happen overnight, but we know from experience that it can happen. We’ll even connect you with other organizations who have partnered with us to help alleviate any doubts you might have. Hopewell is committed to transparency so that you can rest easy knowing we’ll go the extra mile to be honest, forthright, and above reproach.

Hopewell is a small company made up of a few people, which will keep our partnership personal. You will work one-on-one with a personal bookkeeper. You’ll get all of your accounting, human resources, and tax questions answered by experts.

Financial investment is a big deal. You likely made it this far because you’re doing your best to save dollars in every area. Us too. We’ll keep our services affordable for you and offer suggestions on ways to save money moving forward.

You don’t give up any control when working with Hopewell. We work alongside you.

We have years of experience in the nonprofit and church world. Dan Snyder, Hopewell Director and Founder, is also a pastor at New Denver Church where he’s served for ten years. He’s started a nonprofit, served on advisory boards, and worked for nonprofits in the Denver area. While Dan does most of the work around Hopewell, there are additional team members who oversee tax and human resource issues as they arise. The Hopewell team also depends on an independent party to review reports and books on a regular basis.

We’re dependable. We know you’ll come to rely on us as our partnership deepens. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours. We’ll complete your requests as soon as possible. We’re here for you.

Ready to see how affordable and easy Hopewell can be for you and your organization?