Q. So what is it that you do?
A: We provide business and administrative services to churches and nonprofits. This video might help explain it a bit better.

Q. Hopewell’s based in Denver. Does my organization have to be in Denver?
A: Nope. And it’s probably a good thing. You don’t have to worry about another meeting over a cup of coffee or mediocre sandwich. We’ll leverage whatever technological means you prefer to get the onboarding process done.

Q. How much is this going to cost us?
A: Hopewell aims to be affordable, no matter the size of your organization. Trust us, it’ll be a whole lot cheaper than hiring a staff person, lawyer, firm, or CPA.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A: Hopewell utilizes a Good Faith Agreement (GFA) with each of its partners. Because we don’t charge any setup or onboarding fees, we’d prefer an initial relationship of at least six months. But you can break the GFA with 30 days of written notice.

Q. Do I have to change accounting, database, giving, web, or other platforms to use Hopewell?
A: Nope. We’ll work with your existing platforms. If you’re just getting started, contact us so we can get you set up on the industry-preferred platform(s)!

Q. Hopewell really gives away 10% of its income?
A: Yup. At a minimum. We give at least 10% of all Hopewell income to Denver-area nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in the city.

Q. We’re concerned about security and confidentiality.
A: Us too. We use industry security standards in all instances. Additionally, we’ll include a nondisclosure agreement with our GFA. Your trade secrets, databases, and donors are in good hands with Hopewell.

Q. Do I have to be a specific religion or faith-based nonprofit?
A: Nope, Hopewell serves the common good of all churches and nonprofits.

Ready to see how affordable and easy Hopewell can be for you and your organization?